JD Lifting Equipment Services

Bottle Jacks Bottle Jacks
JH bottle jacks - ideal for general operations such as lifting, pushing, moving and supporting all kinds of loads. These jacks can be used in either vertical or horizontal positions. Capacities ranging from 2000kg to 50000kg and supplied with certification.
Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks
Lightweight aluminium jacks with high lifting capacities. Plain piston from 6.5t through to 100t capacity. With lifting claw, 20t through to 60t capacity. Supplied with operating lever and certification.
Hydraulic Toe Jacks Hydraulic Toe Jacks
These Steerman hydraulic toe jacks are ideal when working in very confined spaces. They also have an extremely low toe height. They are ideal for use with a set of Steerman skates (see our Materials Handling section). Available in 3, 6 or 10t capacities and supplied with certification.
Forklift Truck Jacks Forklift Truck Jacks
This compact Steerman forklift truck jack, with its integrated hydraulic pump, eliminates the need for additional hoses or pumps. Its low profile lifting toe is also perfect on all types of forklift, electric hand pallet trucks and stacker trucks with low ground clearance. Available in either 5 or 10t capacities and supplied with certification.
Ratchet Jacks Ratchet Jacks
Mechanical ratchet jacks with lifting claw are designed for operation in confined areas where space below the load is restricted, thus preventing the use of traditional lifting equipment. With a toe capacity of 5000kg and a head load of 10000kg, the Yaletaurus ratchet jack has a weight of just 30kgs. Supplied with certification.
Hi-Lift All Cast Jacks Hi-Lift All Cast Jacks
Hi-Lift all cast jacks are available in 2 sizes - 4ft and 6ft and are an absolute necessity for all serious off-roaders. These jacks can be used for lifting or winching and can be supplied with an optional off road base kit. Supplied with certification.
Steel Jacks Steel Jacks
Mechanical steel jacks with lifting claw, operated by a rotating handle. These portable jacks can be used in a wide variety of applications. 4 sizes available, 1500 - 10000kg swl's, supplied with certification.
Trolley Jacks Trolley Jacks
Wide range of engineers and mechanics trolley jacks available including high lift, light weight and fast lift action - with a range of capacities and all supplied with certification.
Hydraulic Hand Pumps Hydraulic Hand Pumps
Single and double acting cylinder pumps for use with our pump, ram & hose combinations. These pumps have a maximum operating pressure of 700 bar and include hydraulic oil, carrying handle and a range of reservoir capacities.
Universal Cylinders Universal Cylinders
Single acting cylinders with spring return for all universal operations where high forces and compact dimensions are required. 5 to 100 tonne capacities with a maximum working pressure of 700 bar. Huge selection of sizes available, call us for more details.
Low Profile Cylinders Low Profile Cylinders
Very compact hydraulic cylinders designed for general lifting and positioning jobs as well as for all basic maintenance applications where high power, low height, portability and light weight are required. Huge selection of sizes available from 10 to 100 tonne capacities.
Hollow Cylinders Hollow Cylinders
Single and double acting hollow cylinders, that, due to the centre hole design, a threaded rod can be inserted, so that extremely high pulling forces can be achieved. Capacities ranging from 12 to 93 tonne available for single acting and 335/180 - 1400/700 kN push/pull capacities for double acting.
Universal Double Acting Cylinders Universal Double Acting Cylinders
Double acting cylinders with hydraulic return and high reaction speeds. Extremely robust cylinders, suitable for the toughest of jobs. Capacities ranging from 5 to 200 tonnes.
Hydraulic Hoses Hydraulic Hoses
Hydraulic hoses, 1 to 10 mtrs in length with a burst pressure of 2800 bar. 3/8 NPT connections.
Universal Hydraulic maintenance sets Universal Hydraulic maintenance sets
These hydraulic sets are indispensable in factories and workshops. They provide sensitive hydraulic force for all universal applications, such as pressing, straightening, lifting, flattening, pushing bolts, bending, spreading, tensioning etc... The solid plug-in connectionsallow easy combination of all accessories.
Hydraulic Chain Cutter Hydraulic Chain Cutter
This hydraulic chain cutter has been designed for cutting high tensile grade 80 chains up to 18mm diameter. The open design allows easy positioning of the chain. Maximum operating pressure 700 bar, maximum cuting force 23 tonne. Replacement blades available. Requires either an air powered pump, electric power pack or a hand pump.